The Council

Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategic priorities for the borough:

  • Priority one: Growth that benefits all
  • Priority two: Clean and green local places
  • Priority three: Strong and resilient communities and families
  • Priority four: Living well
  • Priority five: Innovation and self-sufficiency

The Bexley Growth Strategy sets out how we plan to ensure our borough thrives and grows in a sustainable way. BexleyCo Limited has been created to support the delivery of this strategy and expects to invest an estimated £630m to help the borough grow sustainably and achieve a 7% return to the Council on top of its wider social and economic contributions.

Our Ageing Well Strategy demonstrates how we are working closely with our partners to respond to the complex challenges of increased service demand set against financial challenges. Please also refer to the recent cabinet paper on Transforming Adult Social Care.

Our Budget Strategy and MTFS outlines how we are planning for a sustainable future, adopting an outcome based approach, with innovation and self-sufficiency embedded in our organisational culture.

The Council has recently adopted a revised Equality Policy which will support our commitment to engaging with our communities and other partners in an open and transparent manner in pursuit of our equalities ambitions.

The Council voluntarily reduced its number of Councillors from 63 to 45 in 2018 following work with the Boundary Commission and the current political makeup is 34 Conservative and 11 Labour. The Leader is Councillor Teresa O’Neill OBE (first elected in 1998, Councillor O’Neill became Leader of the Council in May 2008). 

Download our senior management structure chart.